Bridal goals 👀💕

one of my favorite healthy meals to make are superfood rice bowls. 🍠🍚 they’re cheap, quick, and easy to change up if you’re getting tired of eating the same thing. 🍲 I usually start out with coconut rice for my base (can switch out with cauliflower rice, lentils, black beans, etc if not eating grains) and then I add whatever veggies i have on hand at the moment. 🥦 this one is sweet potatoes, chick peas, roasted broccoli, and roasted kale for a little crunch. 🍠 so delicious, healthy, and satisfying!

My beautiful model aka my niece. Now offering beauty style session at the studio. #paulcbuff #paulcbuffbeautydish #christieannphotography #tallahasseephotographer

I have been trying to push myself with new and different things! It can be really hard sometimes and you don't know what direction you want to go and sometimes it never pays off. But this time it was so worth it! #paulcbuff #paulcbuffbeautydish #christieannphotography #tallahasseephotographer

Today on the blog I pulled out a few favorites from one of my favorite family sessions back home in Tallahassee! Tatum’s silly charm definitely stole the show with these! #ontheblog

July has been all about the babies! I’m loving it!! Look at sweet little Granger!!! At 6 weeks old he was a perfect lil man. I love making sure I capture all the details when I photograph new babies, because they grow up so fast. #courtneywahlphotography #baby #photographer #babyphotography #tallahassee #tallahasseephotographer