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Cameron is so aware of everything around him! He knows already when I take pictures of him. My little model #cutebabyboy #mixedboy #mixedbaby #babymodel #underarmour #edelweiss #edelweissresort #garmisch #garmischpartenkirchen #familyvacation #babyboy

My cutie enjoying his saucer. He still too little for a walker but saucer is the right thing since he has the urge to stand on his lil feet #mixedboy #mixedbaby #babyboy #almost4months #babysaucer #saucer #brightstarts #babylaughing #babiesofinstagram

I guess somebody is ready! Not even 4 months yet! My lil munchkin wanna use his legs #cutebabyboy #mixedboy #babyboy #mixedbaby #mixedbabies #walker #almost4months

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Yes, I can be realistic that Zion isn’t the easiest child to parent. And I can make myself feel a bit better by saying how his fire will serve him well in life as he grows. • But really, right now with him... is just hard. And it’s not “the terrible two’s.” It’s just Zion. • Parenting him has been like starting from scratch even though he is the 5th child. He is a #gamechanger. Our life is even more restricted since he joined the crew because we just can’t bring him some places we could bring the other kids. 🤷🏼‍♀️ • And while I can be honest and open about all these things, I also have to be more aware of what I am feeding his soul. I need to watch what I am speaking over and into his life. I have to be intentional about what I proclaim about him. He is incredible. He is intense fire and passion. He is decisive and firm. He is my amazing Zi. His little face gets me every time and his smile shines bright as the sun. • He completely wears me out and completely fulfills me. • I want to speak God’s truth over His life. That he is fearfully and wonderfully made. Made to move mountains in this world. • So are you, my friend. So are your children. You were made for more. Speak light into your life and into others.