Cardio day. Veggie chilli. The aubergine made it so delicious!

Mis pancakes de platano<3<3 Súper deliciosos y con solo 5 ingredientes: -1 huevo -2 de claras de huevo -1 platano - vainilla -50 g de avena Solo dejas que repose la avena unos minutos hasta que esponje luego procesas todos los ingredientes a una sartén a fuego alto y listo!! #comidasana #comiendosano #saludable #fit #fitness #diaryfood #diariodecomidas #balance #iifym #carbos #macros #fitnesslife #healthy #healthylife #deficit #iifymwoman #healthyfood #recipe #desayuno #breakfast #nutricion #vidasana #nutriologa #instafit #cleaneating #amocomer #flexibitydieting

#Repost @iqphysique96 with @get_repost ・・・ In order to lose weight and keep it off, you must make lifestyle changes rather than unsustainable short-term alterations. Here are 6 habits that are vital to not only feeling satisfied and limiting your calorie intake but also to being healthy. . . Tracking your calories in some way is crucial to make sure you are consistently in a calorie deficit. I recommend using a food scale and MyFitnessPal. But you don't have to. If it is more sustainable to have a portion-size method, then use what works for you so that you can quantify how much you eat. . . Protein is the most satiating macronutrient. Eating a palm-size of a lean protein source is a great way to hit your protein intake to build muscle as well as feel less hungry. . . Having a plate full of veggies is one of the best ways to reduce hunger without adding a ton of calories. . . In general, eating low-calorie but very satiating food can make it easier to hit your calorie intake while being satisfied. . . Water happens to be the best weight loss tool because it can satiate you with ZERO calories. . . Lastly, you need to be flexible in order to reach your weight goals and then maintain that weight loss. No food directly causes fat gain or causes you to be unhealthy. Simply incorporate some "junk" foods in moderation while staying within your calorie targets and having an overall balanced diet! No, this is not "cheating". Be flexible and watch yourself lose weight happier and easier. .

The feeling I get telling my clients how much FOOD they can eat and still make amazing progress!🍎🍇🥑🥙🍓🍛🥗🍜🥚🌽 Registration now open for my 8 week challenge for all my bride to be and bridesmaids who want to feel fit, healthy and confident for the big day!💍 8 weeks of: - Personalised nutrition - Fun new workouts each week - Group support - Weekly check ins with me! Starts Monday 2nd July 👊🏼 *If you’re not a bride to be or bridesmaid you can still register💕 ~ My workout and nutrition plans👇🏼 in my bio!