" E quanto a mim, não se preocupa não que se eu tivesse outro coração você tbm iria ocupar..." ❤️🎵 #9MeseS #Pain #LoveYou

Appreciate your love ones while they’re still here cus when they’re time comes it comes and everything that was there before goes away and a new beginning starts, one for them into the next life and one for you to keep going in this one. It sucks but once you have a clear understanding about the circle of life it makes hard times like these slightly easier. I love you Abuela I’ll see you soon, May god bless your soul for eternity in heaven, your at the top now 🙏🏽❤️👵🏻💒 #sleepinpeace #loveyou #forever #angel #heaven #hero

I just wanna wish a very very happy birthday to the most amazing person on this planet earth! 🌏 The most beautiful soul that has touched my soul i haven’t met anyone like this amazing woman, beautiful from the inside and well the outside... well the outside she’s alright... not that beautiful 😅😝 jk jk you’re amazing sam never ever change for anyone! I work at the hospital and you’re the cancer that everyone needs, to be happy in this life. I love you the moon and back times 10! “True friends are never apart maybe by distance but never in heart” ❤️ i can’t wait to see you and celebrate like we do 🤟🏻 another year wiser! One last thing we are like wine... we get better with age 😘 bottoms up bitch! I love you to death! I love that i get to call you my best friend! 😍 #pyt #POT #27thbday #gettingold #oldaf #myoldfriend #abuelita #grandmastatus #panochongettingold #panochaaguada #wreckpussy #loveyou #instalove #bff #bestfriend #leff #xoxo

Happy Birthday to my dear friend @alexandraelizabethgarrick you are the most thoughtful, caring, and kind individuals I know. The world is a better place because of you! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!! #loveyou #happybirthday

"Comparing your life to someone else will steal your joy, kill contentment and cause deep insecurity" . This is something I have been dealing with so lately ( just have t come out with it) and well my whole life actually. I was always compared to someone growing up and it basically killed me. I wasnt a good student like them, wasnt skinny like them, wasnt a good enough dancer or cheerleader like them , didnt get the boys or friends like that person. . Being so far into social media has brought up those feelings again. I will sit for hours and watch some of the top coaches and be like wow I will never be like her, she has it all, the top team , the perfect children etc but heres the thing... that isn't in my cards for NOW! God didnt intend for me to have that life right now, God intended me to have the house and life I do for a reason. He has intended me to go through seasons so that I come "home" and need him. He has made me the mother I am for a reason, he hasnt blessed me with the skinny body for a reason . I am just as good of a mother as the women I see, I am just as dedicated to helping people as they are, I am just as beautiful inside and out just like they are . I am made to be ME. . Stop comparing, live the LIFE God approved of for YOU! #wordsofwisdom #stop #loveyou #strength #lifeyourhappylife #hisopinion #hislove #thinkaboutit #youareyouforareason

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this sweet guy! It is easy to celebrate such a great person! Stay sweet! #loveyou #26

Princesa Dasha ❤🐶💕😍😍 #loveyou

-Shannon- I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Thank you for being the weird girl that messaged me on Facebook to hang out some random night in High School, because you were going to be in town. Forever grateful for YBA bringing us together. • I appreciate you always being willing to live with me even though I’m self proclaimed “the hardest person ever to live with”, for watching me ugly cry about life, work, and relationships, for always knowing how to help me out in some way shape or form whether it be moving, helping with dishes, Bruiser, making sure bills are paid on time you always seemed to have everything under control. • Thank you for being such an adventurous, hardworking, kind, loving, crafty, and determined human. I can not wait to watch you share all these qualities as a teacher! • You are another testament of a woman who has gone through hell and back that continues to encourage and inspire me everyday. • Love you, and the Lord truly blessed me with the best! 💜 • • • #bestie #appreciationpost #appreciation #loveyou #girls #girlsday #thankyou #theme

I can't explain how much i love lee taemin ..... he is one of tge best dancers and singer and person i the world i love him so much amd the other members *love you jonhyung* hope you enjoy your birthday as you are know 26 .....jonghyun is very happy now that your 26 he has been there for you longer then any other member and loves you more then anything in the he is happier then you are whwn you acomplish something he will always be with you and with the members *everyone* all the members arw happy for you not just jonhyun or your family or the members EVEEYONE is happy that you are now 26 WELL your birthday is tmrw but in korea its your birthday right now due to the time love you and everyones veey proud you have come very far as a group and as a soloist <생일 축하해 태민. #생일 축하해 태민 #생일 축하 #happybirthday #happytaeminday #빛나다 #종현 #당신을 사랑합니다 #태민의 #taeminsexuality # 태민 섹슈얼리티 #태민 섹슈얼리티 #happybirthday🎉🎈🎁🎂 #taemin #태민 #태민 #loveyourself #loveyou #ly