Do you ever just feel... ...Not yourself? Like, that you don't belong in your own body. Everything just seems so weird, so foreign for literally no reason. You feel so different, even within yourself. I don't know how to explain this, but yet again I can never explain anything, Particularly not my own feelings. It's such a strange feeling though, I just don't feel... Me. I feel like I'm not even with it, that I'm just in pilot mode. *I'm* somewhere else. Where? I do not know. I just hope I come back soon, so I can feel completely with it again.

Hi I'm almost done binge watching The End Of The Fucking World and wowie it sure is something. I honestly had no clue what I was going into, all I know is that my closest friend was begging me to watch it for months so I was bored tonight and finally did it. I really like James hah, like at first I hated both of them but as it goes on and James finally starts feeling emotions and opens up like, I love him. That is great character development right there 👌 Anyways The End Of The Fucking World is pretty damn good. Not at all what I expected.... But still good👌👌

Que lindo detalle ♡ :"3

This was inspired by Pinterest. Credits to original artist. Qotd: do you like to draw?

This book was so AMAZING. I definitely recommend if you want a good book. Although, it deals with a heavy topic and there might be some triggers. Qotd : what's your favourite book?