@dea_k10 está se preparando para a @nycmarathon e está sempre com sua @motivareid para se manter motivada. . #TamoJunto #NYCMarathon #Maratonista #MotivareComVocê

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First day of Summer, two week’s until my next getaway, bc I’m gaining muscle and still needs these abs to show: so many reasons to run today💦 2 miles & abs💪🏽

🙏🏼 4 years ago I made the decision to change my life despite what others would think of me, or the body I wanted to transform into. . ❌ No one knew how I truly felt on the inside I would compare myself to so many other fit girls. I would get jealous of the way their bodies looked. I was stuck inside a body layered in unwanted body fluff, with stubborn body fat. It was extremely uncomfortable. . 💯 I wanted to have a sexy, strong toned body and I was willing to do anything to make the change. . 🏔 Along your journey there will be mountains to climb. . 🤦🏽‍♀️ I got so many negative comments… "You don’t make any time for us anymore…” “You are getting to muscular…” “Why do you eat that way… its like bird food.” “Women shouldn’t lift…” (DUMB FOUNDED BY THIS!) . 🦄 I specifically remember an easter holiday, and I was sitting down with family with my own chicken, rice and broccoli in front of me. While others were eating mounds of food, endless carbs, high fats, ya know the mindless eating game. I was eating my "bird food," and others were trying to break me with temptations, and pick on me with asshole comments. I was 4 weeks away from my second competition, and the only thought processes I had at this point was winning. My positive self talk was on FIRE. I didn’t give a fuck what other people thought about me, my life decisions, and my goals. . 💃🏽 The decision to change my life was the best decision of my life. . 💭 If I would have allowed others judgement, impact, feelings, effect me then I would have never realized my own potential. I would not be living a happy, and healthy lifestyle if I accepted their thoughts over my own. . 🤫 My friends, it is okay to go about this life journey with a vision only you understand, because it is only you who will grasp your own life and transform into your vision. . 💫 Listen to your heart, and soul with those two working together thats where the positive self talk comes from ♥️ . ✌🏼Do, make, and speak the decisions that make you feel the strongest. . 🤜🏼🤛🏼 If you want my help, I am here to help you, and show you the way to your own true potential. Click the link in bio to start your journey for FREE! . @coalitionnutrition

Today was chest day and here is the bench machine at 210!. Here's my work out (reps x total weight): 3 miles stationary bike Dumbbell Bench Press: 20 x 100 12 x 120 10 x 140 6 x 150 Dumbbell Chest Flyes: 12 x 24 10 x 30 10 x 40 8 x 50 Decline Bench Machine: 12 x 40 10 x 60 10 x 80 8 x 100 Regular Bench Machine: 15 x 80 12 x 100 10 x 140 10 x 180 6 x 210 180 reverse crunches between sets #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #instafitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessfreak #fitnesslifestyle #instagramfitness #fitnesslife #fitnessinspiration #mensfitness #fitnessmodels #fitnessfreaks #fitnessphysique #fit #fitfam #fitnessmodel #instafit #gym #redcon1 #livesore #livesorenation

@diamond_heart_fitness • • • • • 💪🏽🔥 sleds amazing workouts that just kill your full body!!! ———————————————————- Dedication and consistency is key to success. If you have messed up or haven’t been good on the past today is the day to change into a better you!! Make today a new day!! . . . . . . . #gymlove #gymrats #gymnast #gymboree #gymsharkwomen #gymrat #gymselfie #gymjunkie #gymfreak #gymgirl #gymgrossisten #gymwear #gymclothes #gymday #gymtime #gymshark #gymmotivation #gymaddict #gymflow #gymfit #gymnastic #916igers #gymlife #gymlifestyle #916 #gymnastics #gymaholic #gym