FITNESS SPA TREATMENTS ______________________________________________________________Сегодня у меня пассивный фитнесс 😂: ванна каракалла и кедровая бочка. 🔹Каракалла🔹 -это специальная ванна, оборудованная особым гидромассажем. Под действием воды происходит воздействие на лимфатическую систему. Если движение лимфы замедляется, то в межклеточном пространстве начинает скапливаться жидкость . Также эта процедура полезна людям, занимающимся спортом , так как сильный напор воды воздействует на мускулатуру, мышцы расслабляются и одновременно укрепляются.🔹Кедровая бочка🔹-это мини сауна, в которой используется пар, насыщенный полезными для здоровья человека эфирными маслами или отварами различных лекарственных растений, которые воздействуют на организм через нашу кожу. Температура в кедровой бочке составляет 40– 70 градусов, так что все токсины и лишняя жидкость вас покидают😅 С меня лило даже после окончания процедуры, я высидела 30 мин💪🏻 В общем, потеряла много жидкости, воду хлестала потом литрами 😂 если нужно быстро слить 1-2 кг, идите в бочку 😝А я дальше гонять на велике ☄️___________________________________________________________I’m having a passive fitness today 😂: Caracalla bath and cedar barrel. 🔹Caracalla🔹is a special hydromassage bath. The action of the bubbles on the body stimulate and activate the lymphatic system. It’s extremely useful for persons who dedicate themselves to sport since it has a therapeutic impact on muscles and the whole body.🔹Cedar Barrel🔹 - is a procedure in which a human body is fully immersed in the barrel except for the head. The body undergoes a 30-minute steam exposure from essential oils and herbal infusions. The unique properties of the cedar barrel to eliminate excess water weight and toxins. The average temperature is 40-70. I kept on losing water even after the procedure, I managed to sit 30 min💪🏻 I lost liters of liquid and had liters of water in the aftermath 😂 if you are looking for a quick and easy way of loosing 1-2 kg, go and try cedar barrel 😝Going to ride a bike again #btr_sweet_fittips #spa #фитнесс #спортивныедевушки #butt #spaandfitness #longlegs

🌞 “Summer has been way busier than planned with work and vacations and I’m just so busy but when fall comes around and school starts again I’ll have more time” 📚 “I just had to buy all my books for school and I want to get settled into my classes and then I’ll start” 🎃 “The holidays just take up so much time and I’ll be traveling a lot but I’ll start in the new year because I really want to see a change” 🎅🏽 “I just spent a lot of money on Christmas so once I save some money up again I’ll reach out to you” 🏝 “I am about to go on spring break vacation and I’ll just be too busy, but after I’ll start so I can be ready for summer” 🤓“Finals are taking up so much of my time once I finish up with all my tests I’ll have time finally, can’t wait” ••••••••••••••••••••••••• We have a NEW program that is coming out that ranges from 20-40 minutes a day, is only FOUR, I repeat only 4 days a week, CHEAT meals in the plan. These are the excuses I hear from EVERYONE, if you truly want to see a change in your body you have to prioritize your life. I want you to focus on your school & your work. But think how much of a better student, friend, daughter, girlfriend, wife, co-worker you would be if you truly felt confident in your own skin. If you gave yourself “me” time everyday to better YOURSELF. I’m looking for 10 women who are : ✅ Going to give me a “no-excuse” attitude. ✅ Who are going to prioritize themselves so they can be better for the people around them. ✅ Who want a change in their body and are going to put in the work to get it. If this is YOU, and you are ready to give yourself a chance at that body you want, then reach out to me RIGHT now and we will find something that works in your price range. If you are even a little bit curious but have questions or hesitations PLEASE still reach out to me and we can talk through what you’re thinking. Time to start giving yourself some love girl 😘 + only 4 days a week + 20-40 minutes a day +cheat meals in the plan + gets your workout in quick without spending 2 hours at the gym not knowing what you’re doing + be supported by a group of women with similar goals Come on girl, let’s do this thing together 🖤

Workout done ✅ 💪🏻

Thanks sir for advice and motivating me @prithvi.mavi 😊. It's My Life remembering moment with you. Sir you are very humble and awesome personality.🙏🙏