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Dreaming of floating in this tide pool as I drift off to sleep

Вспоминая прекрасное время отпуска, наслаждаясь яркими фотографиями😍😇🌞💞👣 хочу обратно...🙈😊🇬🇪 #georgia #грузия #mountains #river #freedom #nature #placetovisit #breathtakingview #peoplewhoadventure #vscolook #vsco #vscocam #travellingishappiness #vacation #liveauthentic #lifestyle #me #amazingplaces #exploretocreate #natgeotravel


Monday is here again! I saw these street decorations when I was in Bath - how pretty are they? It’s such a lovely way to celebrate summer. We spent the weekend with family and then drove out to some gorgeous Essex countryside. What did you get up to?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Any of you who have read this book (if not I strongly recommend, have read 6 times lol) will understand the importance of choosing what to give a fuck about. It isn’t about being ignorant or indifferent, but allocating time and brainpower to only the critical and important aspects of the moment that is right now. Prioritising your thoughts instead of worrying about the future or cringing at the past. Although, not giving fucks also applies to the present. Stuck in traffic? Not worth getting angry over. Cat pissed on your shoes? Oh well. If it’s anything that can be solved/apologised for/reiterated in the short term future without global catastrophe, loosen up your grip. Try to let the trivial stuff go and give the most fucks about what really matters. Friends, wellbeing, learning, growing, your passions, family, the planet, other people. This advice has had huge impacts on my life in the past year and I hope it does for you also ☺️🤙🏽

can’t wait to start traveling again 😌