Hey. 46 days, babe . Incase you lost count or something😋

“Berlin is more a part of the world than a city. ”

The 4th Annual Bubble Parade was AMAZING. We had over 300 people come out and everyone looked fabulous. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖 The entire point of the Bubble Parade is to promote play in people of all ages. We should never stop playing, whatever that means for us. Bubbles are something a lot of people enjoy, and even so I was floored to see the turn out this year. It was beautiful to witness everyone from ages 0-65+ having a genuinely good time doing something silly, free, and “childlike”. Remember that it doesn’t take a lot to have a good time. Sometimes the simpler the better. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖 More than a dozen people came up to me to ask if we could do this every weekend or at least every season. My answer is no, I won’t be organizing that every season and definitely not every weekend. I don’t want the specialness of the event to wear off, and I also do a lot of other things (including other events!). But guess what? I’m SO GLAD you had such a great time blowing bubbles! It’s a dollar for a giant wand of bubbles, and you can even make your own solution with water and soap and your own wands with pipe cleaners or rope. You can get your friends together every weekend, or just go outside and blow bubbles a couple times a week. I know I do. Costumes, balloons, and whimsy aren’t reserved for the Bubble Parade. Bring that year round!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖 Make sure you swipe right! And there's a blog post up with a few more pictures/info. // 📷 @dorreto #uncustomarylove #baltimorebubbleparade

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We were together... I forget the rest! 💕

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Bem golden hour, bem cansada também.

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mean face is my normal face

lil photo shoot in the backyard

Peek at me? Nawww I’ll Pikachu... 😻😸😹... party animal #pikachucake for 6 year old Theo’s Pokémon birthday! I was very proud of my handmade pokeball cake topper 😂and craft paper ears. I worked on fondant ears too but was so paranoid of this hot melty summer droopy-ear weather. Baking in the summer without air conditioning = literally not cool 😂 #cococakeland #pokemoncake #kawaii

35th wedding anniversary cruise and we’re having no fun at all! ❤️🛳👙🕶🐠❤️

Cute snacks for cute people 💕✨😊 . Story time: I recently went to Disneyland Paris and was thinking about the last time I went there, which was in school with my friends! One friend was @zanni_m and she was so much better at map reading than me and helped us all find the most beautiful places . Anyway, Zanni opened an adorable online and physical shop called @tofucute and I went to visit with my mum, grandma and cousin! There are so many kawaii things and it made my heart happy 😌✨💕 we picked up these hello kitty bunny candies and a couple of other things! . If you are craving some cuteness do take a look at her website, it is so pink and pretty and I love it 😍. I took this shot inside the store: the walls are painted in this dreamy pink! ✨🎀🍡🍦🌊⭐️💖