I am a lover of all animals, and I feel at absolute peace when I play and cuddle with these dogs ♡♡ . . . . . . . . . #seoul #southkorea #dogcafe #puppies #dogs #doggos #pupperinos #cuddles #animals #animallovers

"this video contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing." . if it is for you, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN! it is so easy for us to report these kinds of posts or turn away, but unfortunately for these creatures, it is far from that. . it is their reality BECAUSE OF US. i believe that many of you are kind at heart but have not made the connection that these creatures DO FEEL PAIN just as much if not MORE than we do. and they wish to LIVE. now you know this fact. i am telling you now that it is absolutely unnecessary to eat them. so the excuse of needing a certain nutrient is out of the window. besides, they won't be doing your body good either if you care about that. it's fine if you do not believe me, but do your own research because ive done mine and am only sharing what I've learnt for i wish someone had with me sooner. . please be part of the solution and be the change for a kinder, more peaceful world. 5 minutes of pleasure does not justify a lifetime of suffering. what we humans have is empathy. imagine if that was you- what would you want? . If you're not ready to commit to a vegan lifestyle (i wasn't. i thought i could only be a flexitarian!) please don't give up just yet- do what you're able to, to reduce as much harm as possible. having more vegan meals + using cruelty-free products instead. every little bit counts from you for the world to be a better place for every being. Much love to you x If you have any questions, please let me know. . RP @joey_carbstrong - How horrible. This little sea animal tears of their own limb to avoid being boiled alive. Yet people still have a hard time believing fish feel pain or have a desire to live. Please leave all sentient life off of your plate and choose vegan 🌱 - Video from @lebanesevegans . [2133] . . . . #seafood #fish #pescatarian #lobster #crayfish #crab #vegan #animallovers #vegetarian #truth #veganism #plantbased this is not #whatveganseat #bethechange have #compassion be #crueltyfree #veganlifestyle #vegankl #vegankualalumpur #veganmalaysia #nomnom #delicious #healthyeating #foodporn #foodie #protein #highcholesterol #cancer many #mofos sozxsoz must meditate

As animal lovers over here at Cavender Creek, we wanted to re-share this post from @state_mint_stickers ! .. “🐱 BIG NEWS 🐶 I’m partnering with TLC Humane Society ( @tlchumanesociety ) on stickers and magnets that help them raise money. You can donate $2, $5, $10, $25, or $50 and get either a sticker or a magnet showing the world your commitment to TLC’s mission. They’re available in my Etsy shop!”” .. #tlchumanesociety #dahlonega #animallovers

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