Agassiz Car Show✨

I’ll miss this angel for the time that he’s gone, I know in a year he’ll be back with #hs2 and it will be iconic🤧❣️

i own this video with every part of me. look at his outfit!! he really fucking did that. ill never get over this video. his voice and the way he’s using his mic and holding it with two hands and then he like turns away to take a breath. oh my godddddddndndn my bones are shaking. my teeth are chattering. i just did a backflip. the way he steps back. his voice!!! oh my god

Oh yea! Y’all get ready for some real #best #era fun! @superboss3232 and #squad are at it again!!! Location #tbd (😉) lets go!!!

#80sbaby 😎😎😎 grew up in the #90s #era #fto

#Praia #Pontaverde #top #Era Sol Oq Me Faltava ♥️

💪 ENTRENAMIENTO E. R. A. • • El día sábado, integrantes de nuestra institución realizaron una práctica de #ERA (Equipo de Respiración Autónoma), la misma tuvo lugar en las instalaciones de nuestro cuartel. • • 👏 Esta capacitación ayuda a mejorar los servicios que brindamos a la comunidad. • • #PrensaBVI

annoyed the weather man is back there

shake n bake

okay, last coke-bottle shot :))

they had ponytails in the 50s...

50s shoot from Wednesday